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School for Education Research & Engagement

The M Ed qualification is aimed at enthusiastic and dedicated classroom teachers, members of school management teams, principals and local and provincial education officials keen on making a difference in Education in South Africa. The Nelson Mandela University Faculty of Education thus aims to facilitate the continued development and growth of current and future leaders in education.

In the M Ed Research programme you will learn the skills of approaching an educational issue in a scientific way by researching it, critically interacting with it and designing workable solutions that can be implemented to improve education. The tangible end-product of this programme will be a dissertation which reports on the completed research, this having been conducted under the supervision of an appropriately qualified academic, appointed by the Faculty of Education.


Admission requirements

To be considered for the M Ed Research, you need to comply with the following:

  • A completed B Ed Hons degree, or
  • A completed Hons degree in a field of an approved school subject and an approved professional teaching qualification and proof of at least one year of appropriate teaching experience


Further selection procedures and modes of delivery

There are two options. Either:

A preliminary research proposal in an education-related area must be prepared by the applicant on his/her own (with guidelines that will be sent on request) and submitted with the completed application form and required supporting documentation to the admissions office. The proposal is then assessed and once it complies with all the criteria, the applicant must register and is allocated a supervisor. This process takes about 2/3 months. Applications and registration for this option is open all year round, but it is recommended that it is done as early in the year as possible, to allow a full year’s worth of service.


The applicant must have an average of at least 60% for the Hons degree AND obtain a minimum of 60% in a prescribed selection test. The applicant must also identify a broad education-related area in which he/she wants to undertake the research. If an applicant complies with all the criteria, he/she must register and is allocated a supervisor. This process takes about a month and must be completed by end March. Registered students are then assisted in group context to develop their research proposals within 3 months. This process comprises a series of fortnightly contact sessions from early April to end June (attendance compulsory). Once the research proposal is finalised, further contact sessions (once every 2/3 months) are scheduled to guide the group through the whole research process. Applicants who choose this option must live very close or in Port Elizabeth to be able to attend the group sessions. 

Contact information
Dr Eileen Scheckle
Lecturer: SITE
Tel: 27 41 504 2828

Mrs Carol Poisat
Secretary: Prof Sylvan Blignaut
Tel: 27 41 504 4310