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School for Education Research & Engagement

The postgraduate research degree programmes which are currently offered in the Faculty of Education are:

  • Master's in Education (M Ed)
  • Doctoral programme (PhD)

For any queries or general information on these programmes, please contact the programme administrator, Ms Carol Poisat (details alongside). 

Admission application Forms

By selecting a research topic for the M Ed research that resonates with the research niche areas of the Faculty (see relevant document in the right hand menu), the incumbent is assured that the relevant expertise exists in the Faculty

Admission application forms are available from:

The Registrar (Admissions)
Nelson Mandela University
PO Box 77000

Tel: 041 504 2593

Alternatively you can send an email to and she will forward the forms to you electronically. 
Contact information
Mrs Carol Poisat
Secretary: Prof Sylvan Blignaut
Tel: 27 41 504 4310

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